Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What Makes Atheists So Scary?

Several months ago, the University of Minnesota Survey that identified Atheists as the group least likely to share "their vision of American Society," and the group they'd least like their children to marry.

Why is this? It has been shown that American Society wasn't founded on Christian ideals, but it's obviously become a more religious-minded country over the years, especially during the Cold War (when we were fighting the godless-commies.)

Perhaps this link between godlessness & communism is still strong in the minds of most Americans. I believe that Communism in it's simplest form, where everyone works together & everyone shares the wealth, is a nice idea but totally impractical in a world of lazy humans who would rather live off the hard workers. (Add in some laws and a dictator and Communism as a governmental entity is definitely a really bad idea.) But after an entire generation of children were bred in fear of godless communism, with the opposite obviously being god-fearing capitalism, I'm sure it's a bit hard for a country to overcome that mindset.

I also get the feeling that there is a prevalent idea that "without faith" and "without morals" are synonymous. I can't say I feel that morals and faith have much to do with each other. Some people do derive their morals from the dogma of their faith, but even many people of Jewish or Christian faith have personal morals that expand beyond the 10 commandments of the Old Testament. And it's not like the only people in this would hurting other people are atheists, quite the opposite really.

This video on youtube does a good job of summing up why religion is so important to atheists.

So, please discuss why Americans who believe in god feel so at odds with Atheists?


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