Thursday, October 05, 2006

Are we nothing more than Chemical Computers?

Physics & chemistry in high-school were fun for me. In chemistry, we got to set fire to stuff & make smoke. In physics we got to drop lots of stuff & build fun contraptions. In both classes, we'd have to explain why or how these events occurred mathematically. We'd put so much of chemical X & Y into a crucible and you'd get so much chemical Z and heat out. Or we'd drop object X from a height of Y and find it has Z velocity.

I can't say our answers were "exact" because there's always a little chemical that gets left on the spoon or a bit of wind blowing against the object as it falls. But I know, if I could measure all these things, I could achieve even more accurate calculations. (Heck, even dogs can figure out where a frisbee is gonna land.)

This lead me to the conclusion that god must be that entity that can do all the math. The moment of the big-bang was just like the first domino in the line, everything after that would certainly be predictable if you knew all the factors at t=0. Being able to see it from above gave god the advantage, while us humans are so tiny we could only see the dominoes right next to us.

The only unpredictable component would be life. Life is like a fork in the domino path, which way will they fall? Life gets to make choices, and choices can be random and unpredictable, right?

More and more science discovers just how much of our brains can be easily manipulated by chemical & electrical stimulation. An imbalance here, a shock there, and people have an out-of-body experience! So is it any surprise that if you deprive the brain of blood long enough, there can be a near-death experience? It's just another chemical reaction in the brain, thou it seems to have profound effects on those who experience it.

In the end, I wonder if life is just as predictable as domino-rally, just a bit more complicated? Are we anything more than self-aware chemical processes? (Maybe we aren't as aware of ourselves as we think we are.)


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