Friday, November 10, 2006

Science in the News

What do Creationists think about science & evolution when they read it in the news? Lame-stream-media doesn't often have qualms about presenting the evolutionary point of view.

I got to thinking about this after reading "Early human relative ate prehistoric smorgasbord" from Reuters.

And a recent TIME cover was "What Makes us Different?" about the [tiny] differences between human and chimpanzee DNA & how that makes all the difference. And the current TIME cover is God vs. Science.

Science News is included as part of Reuters, CNN, Fox News, BBC News, and the NY Times, but I found that The Washington Post actually has a religion section, with no obvious science section in the index of of their website. (Thou after some hunting, I found it.)

Does this say something about who is reading the news? Does it say something about the goal of news-sources to give us the truth? If anyone has sources of any kind of Christian rebuttals to science articles, or the overwhelming amount of news favorable to evolution, I'd love to link it here. I may do some more searching on my own as well.


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