Monday, September 17, 2007

Militant Atheism

Classically Liberal has an interesting post about the motives behind the seemingly recent atheist upheaval.

I would tend to agree that atheists don't normally have anything to bring them together, a lack of belief isn't something that binds people together. But then, just because a group of people were born Christian or Jewish, does that give them any more of a reason to band together? Perhaps just cuz they hold meetings once a week?

I think that atheists actually tend to be of a mindset that we aren't as socially needy. To be an atheist most often requires a bit of independent thought to begin with, and there seems to be a genetic predisposition to a belief in a deity, so perhaps those things go together. Group-think & atheism do not mesh.

But, given a common enemy, atheists are joining together, and raising their voices louder, and hopefully we can continue to speak for everyone's rights to be free from religious oppression.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being Atheist (this life) not because you dont believe there be a GOD,it simply you dont believe other peoples versions of GOD as example with Christians,as being christians do not believe in GOD rather their beliefs rooted in religious teaching,which mostly utter bullshit from genesis to revelations....So where does that leave you..Beware, many will come in my christian praised christ through scripture, it most like it you that walked with Jesus as been blessed by Jesus...hence it not you do not beleive there a power of creation,rather it others versions,you care not for..Beware, Many will come in my name....let us remind reason of creation,it be to sustain the human form,in such the key..through heart brain comes understanding as experience.(take account,vital in spiritual development,experience as understanding be balanced)it not power of creation wish remaining mystery rather that spiritual deveopment,at a pace one being balanced in mind as an awesome powerwhich be revealed, when beyond brains understanding as capability of heart receiveing, such can be fatal.Thats it,apart from obvious,that there being many beliefs as ideas..yet only GOD can reveal GOD.. GOD only be knowing the individual heart as brain,in their capability of receiving..

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