Thursday, October 12, 2006

Animals are Gay.

And an exhibit at the Oslo Natural History Museum is showing us gay animals. And of course, Christians are protesting.

As an atheist, I'm fascinated by the natural force behind homosexuality, and the human interpretations of the phenomenon. In many places & many times throughout history, Homosexuality has been considered a "crime against nature." I'm not quite sure what that means, I consider deforestation & pollution crime's against nature. I consider consenting adults doing whatever behind closed doors their business.

Homosexuality may be an evolutionary dead-end for the individual, but perhaps it contributes to the species as a whole. We must remember there are many genetic "abnormalities" that persist in any species despite that they render the gene carrier infertile (I'd only refer to homosexuality as "abnormal" in the fact that much less than half the population is homosexual, making heterosexual the "norm"). But from what I've read on the subject, I actually don't believe that homosexuality is genetic, I am under the impression that it has more to do with the hormones a fetus is exposed to as it is growing.

But I'm pretty sure that those Conservative Christians who protest Homosexuality don't believe in evolution anyhow. So what's the problem? Oh, yea, the Bible says it's wrong, at least according to their interpretation.

But can we justify our actions in my life by saying "other animals do it too"? We often consider our actions above basic animal-instincts, like we are better than that. I feel the fact alone that I am conscious that I justify my actions puts me on a different playing field, yet I cannot rise above all of my instincts. Animals eat & sleep, and these are obviously necessary things for our survival as animals, and as such, we do not completely deny ourselves of them, and thou some humans try to control their urges to eat or sleep, we do not find these urges offensive. Like animals, humans also have sex and kill each other, and yet there is where humans try to apply reason & morality.

Why do we always feel the need to apply the labels "wrong" or "right" to our desires & actions?


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