Tuesday, November 14, 2006

People Who Believe in the Easter Bunny Shouldn't Be Running Things

It's an interesting article about White House Interns and the college most of them attended.

I can see that comparing belief in the Bible to belief in the Easter Bunny could be considered offensive by some, but I don't see much difference between the two. What if instead of telling a child that the Easter Bunny didn't exist, parents told their child that the reason the Easter bunny stopped coming was because they weren't good enough, but one day, if they were good enough, the Easter Bunny would be back! Consulting with other children, the child might figure out that the Bunny never was real to begin with, or that child might continue to believe his parents well into adulthood, and his parents might encourage the belief because it kept their child well behaved. And that child might one day pass on the story to his own children as "truth," and where would they stand?

I also felt the urge to leave a comment on the original article. It's just so irresistible when I see other people's comments, I need to say something in reply! Ok, so maybe that does make me a little bit arrogant. Is anyone who's sure they're right not just a tiny bit arrogant?


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