Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Watch some Creation Science Evangelism

They take the Bible literally & try to debunk evolution using the Bible.

Really, watch it. This is what people believe. Many listen to Dr. Kent Hovind. (This guy's been avoiding his taxes.)

Watch, listen to his "evidence" and at the same time read along for explanations of his lies.

First, you can tell they just don't like the idea that humans aren't special:

I don’t know why anyone objects to having evolved from simpler life forms. Creationists are always making fun of great-grandparents being monkeys, or here; soup. What's wrong with that again? My body is made completely of chemicals that are found in the earth. By this point in my life my body has replaced my entire skeleton at least once, and my skeleton is made of calcium... gee... lots of rocks are made of calcium. Every other chemical in my body got there cuz I ate it at one point or another. I eat the cow, the cow eats the grass, the grass grows from nutrients in the ground.... ok, so I'm a more complicated rock with chemical processes going on inside. What's wrong with that?

They claim the earth isn't over 6000 years old (because if you add up everyone's age in the bible, that's around when Adam shoulda been born):

Today's estimates of world population extend to at least 8000 BCE. The population boom we currently are experiencing is due to technology; better medicine & better food. Even 100 years ago many more women died in child-birth, many more children died of diseases we now get vaccinated for, and many more adults died from things doctors now cure with routine procedures. It took almost all of the 6.5 million years humans have been around for us to move beyond hunter/gatherer. (And agriculture might not be the best idea for human nutrition anyways, but that's a different topic.)

So the charts he presents as a time-line are not accurate and therefore prove nothing.

They claim the earth isn't over crowded since there's 6 billion square feet in Florida:

But it's not about how much earth one can stand on; it's how much earth (farmland) it takes to feed a person. Sustainability. Most of the open land he talks about is either 1) barren or 2) already used as farmland to feed those billions. Only 13% of the land on earth is suitable for growing crops. And crops like corn, potatoes, and rice, don't have true nutrition variety. The world’s oceans were once full of nutritious stuff to eat, but we know that's not going so well these days. And this guy obviously hasn't ever stepped foot in India or Beijing... just telling people to move isn't the solution when these people can hardly afford to eat (half the world's population live on than less $2 a day) let alone to pack up & move themselves & buy land elsewhere. Global estimates of the number of squatters (people who don't own or rent; just occupy their living space) over one billion people, with 200,000 added every day.

So these Christians beliefs are more than just anti-evolution; they are anti-population-stabilization & anti-environmentalists. They think their god is telling them to keep breeding, he will provide (with government subsidies). It's very scary, and as far as I'm concerned; very selfish. What's so wrong with a world of better people instead of just a world full of more people living insufferable lives, waiting to die of starvation & disease?

(He briefly brings up vaccines, with links to where you can buy his books on the subject; www.tetrahedron.org, www.billsardi.com I think I'll avoid that subject for right now.)

Then he moves on to space & galaxies. This is going to get more complex than I can explain decently. Talk Origins does a LOT of debunking. The above is just what was easy enough for me to discover on my own. I may take the easy way out for some of these though & reference Talk Origins where I can, since I'm not even 20min into the video at this point.

He thinks spiral galaxies should loose their shape. Not true. (Note also he is quoting scientists from over 20 years ago; science has progressed a lot in the past 20 years, he should take the time to read some updated books, but I'm sure he's just used to the bible that hasn't changed in the past 2000 years)

He questions novas/super novas. "If the universe is billions of years old, how come there are less than 300 super nova?" That's just wrong. Astronomers find between 300 & 400 supernovae a year! And of course that's only the ones we have seen out of the ones we can see from earth.

Then: stellar evolution. Even thou it's referred to stellar evolution; only living things truly evolve. Stars are chemical processes and a single entity. True evolution involves living beings (plural) and evolution isn't losing or gaining; it's becoming better equipped to the environment. (Plenty of animals that now live in caves or deep waters once had sight but evolved to no longer have eyes because they were unneeded.)

He specifically refers to Sirius being a white dwarf, because it's color being disputed. This is probably because stars were only seen with the naked eyes until the 1600s. Why does he quote ancient astronomers who had no telescopes? And how do old accounts of a single star prove anything?

Now on to the planets!

First; all the planets are still cooling off, they started off really, really hot, and totally cool is 0-degrees Kelvin; nothing ever gets that cold. Further explanation on the cooling of Saturn & Jupiter at Talk Origins.

Saturn’s rings don't have to be as old as Saturn itself.

What's up with the distance of the moon from earth? Oh yea, the moon doesn't have to be as old as the earth either. (Note, he accepts that the moon goes around the earth... so he doesn't think the earth is flat... despite a few bible references one could find that might suggest such.)

What's about comets? (He even admits that short-period comets have a life of 10k years... isn't that more than the 6k he thinks the world has been around?) Well, some of them are old, and Oort's cloud isn't out of the question. (Oh yea, and a proposal isn't the same as a prayer/hope/wish in the least. I hate when people make-up or ignore definitions.)

By the way, how far into space can we see?

"The Hubble Space Telescope can see out to a distance of several billions of light-years. A light-year is the distance that light travels in 1 year. Since light has a speed of 186,000 miles per second (light can travel about 7 times around the entire earth in 1 second!), light travels about 5,865,696,000,000 miles in just one year. You can attach 9 more zeros to the end of this to get 1 billion light-years and another one for 10 billion light-years. The farthest that Hubble has seen so far is about 10-15 billion light-years away. The farthest area looked at is called the Hubble Deep Field."

(To me, this in/of itself proves him wrong & the universe is BILLIONS of years old. If the universe (everything god supposedly created) was only 6000 years old, we would only be able to see 6000 light years around us.)

Here's Matson's web arguments for anyone interested (Which probably do a better job than my own, but I still like my own arguments too.) And here's where the specific quote by Matson is taken out of context from. He's not shifting the burden of proof; he has proof for his cause so therefore creationists need to provide counter-evidence.

The earth's magnetic field? It's just fine the way it has been going, but it does wander a bit.

Why is Pangea smaller than today's land surface? Oh yea, because the earth might have been warmer then... more of the ice was water... so the sea-levels were higher.... and there's that problem of earth's plates shifting over/under each other & up thru the earths surface giving us them damned mountains everywhere.

A 14hr day isn't a problem a few billion years ago... ya know, before life? And I'm sure single-celled animals didn't have a problem with it for a few billion years. By the time land-dwelling animals came along 400 million years ago, the day was probably around 22hrs 45min long.

The Sahara isn't the oldest desert on earth, but it is 2.5 million years old, but the Namib Desert is 80 Million years old.

What about oil? It actually does squirt outta the earth on it's own sometimes. And it can be made faster by man, but not by the earth.

What about the pilots buried under the ice? Yea, they were on a glacier, in a different part of the world, which isn't the same as a stable ice-field, much farther north.

Why isn't the full Gulf of Mexico full of mud by now? Partially because the delta used to be further inland (that's why Louisiana sticks out some)... plus the Mississippi is actively being maintained where it is by man. Naturally it would change it's course thru history.

Why isn't the ocean saltier? Minerals settle at the bottom & fresh water keeps pouring in.

And then he goes on & says there isn't a big leap between fresh & salt-water gators... but you can't mate them together; they're different species & that's what evolution is; developing of new species. Spread out such small changes from one species to another over several hundred million years & sure enough evolution works out.

Stalactites & stalagmites grow at different rates in different caves... different amounts of water & different amounts of minerals.... Stop comparing them!! Arrrgg...

Does the Ground ever fall up? Well, nothing falls up, but earth-quakes & volcanoes sure as hell bring the earth up from below. It's called Plate Tectonics. As earth falls into the ocean, earth is being pushed up & over & all around.

Why were the first known languages so complex? Oh, cuz nobody could write down the simpler ones; they had to develop a good spoken language before someone figured out how to write it down. Same reason for calendars; nobody could write down what year it was until they figured out how to write. There are many simple languages still in existence, many of which didn't have a written form until the past several hundred years (I think of Native-American languages off hand).

And example of brainwashing is really a brain-teaser. When people aren't given all of the information; they will do their best to figure out a solution with the given facts. Sometimes they can be misled if they have made the wrong assumptions in the beginning. This is where critical thinking comes into play and we learn to question our own assumptions. This is why people question the bible. Children's books say lots of things that children don't always grow up to believe. In the end, even if teaching children is a form of brainwashing... how is his rhetoric less brainwashing?

Questions I'd have for him about this flood of the bible:

Where did all of this water come from & where did it go back to so suddenly?

If almost all the animals on earth died at once in a flood, wouldn't there be an awful smell?

Wouldn't we have found conclusive evidance of something that catastrophic?

When everyone got off Noah's boat; what did they eat?

Where did all the land plants come from? Noah wasn't told to have plants/seeds on the arc.

In general; how did people/plants/animals spread across the earth so fast?

And how come almost all of the marsupials are in Australia? (And other animals wound up in highly specific locations.)

How did native people get to North America if they didn't cross the land-bridge during the last ice-age?

And where did all the human races come from?

Etc. etc. etc.

Maybe I will have to look up some of these questions on Christian sites. I'd love to know their excuses answers


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