Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Church of Reality!

After reading up on the Church of Reality, I like their principals. They openly admit to having a hidden agenda. But I think their 2nd "hidden agenda" is to get people to become Unitarians, but that's not all bad.

They bring up Unitarian Universalists several times. I've been to a Unitarian service once before, and while I enjoyed the service, I did think they were a little too accepting (they had ppl there who talked about Reiki, and Wiccans, and I'm just not for the supernatural crap), but that's part of their thing; everyone is welcome. So while right now I don't feel the need, I think that if I ever have children I would take them there on Sunday mornings. They promote teaching children what you believe while exposing them to other beliefs. It is a place for learning, while still providing that feeling of community, and I think the children who spoke there had a better grasp on religion overall because of what they learned & discussed. I didn't see Unitarianism so much as a religion as a learning opportunity and a community.

A promotion of learning & an inclusive community is not something to be found in most of the religious world.


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