Monday, November 20, 2006

Science is a Passion

Richard Dawkins always has good fodder for commenting on, and this article on why he is hostile towards religion is a good example. Fundamentalist Religion is always the easiest to pick on simply because it never changes; never allows for anything new to be learned because new could contradict with the old, and the old is what is right. Science is always looking for the new and the right.

He also presents an example of a personal struggle between science & religion, where Kurt Wise threw away his potential career in geology for his belief in the bible.

While I still reject the belief in the super-natural, there are times when I don't think religion is all bad. There are examples of people who have the strength to change their religious beliefs. This American Life had a great story of a Reverend who decided he no longer believed in hell, and what happened when he told his church. If all religion was a little more like his church, preaching inclusion, the world probably would be a better place, and religion would be a little easier for me to get along with.


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