Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Bananna: The Fundamentalist Christian's Nightmare

Yea, I said it before; the banana isn't an ideal fruit made by god; it's been selected and cultivated by man and without man's intervention, it would disappear off the face of the earth because bananas don't produce seeds; they're all clones.

Anyhow, there's new news that within 10 years, either we won't have any bananas or they will be very different from the bananas we now eat. This already happened once within the last century when the Gros Michel went extinct due to fungus and the Cavendish was introduced as a fungus-resistant variety, but the Cavendish is now under threat from the same fungus. For those Fundies who don't believe in evolution, here's a fungus that has adapted and evolved in less than 100 years to now threaten another species of banana. It is becoming resistant to the fungicides. It is only through more intervention by man that the banana might live, the banana must be genetically modified to resist the fungus, either GM in the lab, or GM by selective breeding of the few seeds that can be found.


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