Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One well-written essay...

Please check out this link to an essay about "what I want for christmas" written by the child of an atheist mother, and read through the comments. Possum Momma also has responded with more posts on the topic.

After reading this, I wish to one day be a mother like her. Possum #1 is both eloquent and empathetic. She is not a sheep, and we need more people who think for themselves in this world, despite the possible consequences. She took a stand.

For the teacher to say that atheists are incapable of having feelings for others, after her daughter clearly stated in her essay that her mother is atheist, is deplorable! Her teacher essentially told Possum #1 that her mother doesn't care about her! The way I see it, it's often that atheists are more caring for their fellow man, because we know god isn't going to take care of us; we have to take care of eachother. Atheist may be synonymous with godless, not ruthless.

I can't believe the response from the religious people who wish to pray for her and her children because they don't have god in their lives. This woman has raised a child who very eloquently expresses empathy for her classmates, thinking more about others than what material objects she might receive over the holidays. This is actually the most christian of actions, yet the christians feel that her children will still burn in hell without god.

I don't think I'll ever understand the concept of belief over action. I think that's the main thing that turns me off about faith. I have no doubt that the commenter's who express their prayers for her family really do fear that she is condemning them to eternal fire, their fear is apparent in their words. To them, it isn't about who you are or what you do in life, it's about what you believe above all. I never understood this. These types of people are more afraid of hellfire than anything in this world, and they fear reason because it could lead them to doubt, and therefore to that hellfire. I really do think this is evidence of brainwashing.

So they seriously believe that all the people in this world who aren't christian, the billions in China or India who have never even had the opportunity of hearing the name of Jesus Christ, who live good lives despite that, will burn in eternal hellfire as god rejects them from his kingdom? How does this make any sense? This though is why they go out as missionaries to bring salvation. They truly believe that their god will send people to hell if these people aren't introduced to Christ. What kind of loving god is that?


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