Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Lies about Homosexuals

I found this woman's blog via my web surfing. She initially had a really nasty post up saying that someone should blow up a school that supported tolerances of gay students. I think enough people flagged it and it was removed for threatening language. Anyways, her latest post is all about why, according to the bible, homosexuals are evil and not worthy of god's love and forgiveness. I was confused by a few of her statements, and commented to her as such, but I doubt that she will post my comment or bother to reply. I have copied here my questions for her:

You say "Homosexuality is totally unnatural behavior."

There is plenty of examples of homosexual behavior in "nature," meaning the animal kingdom. Perhaps you just believe that it is unnatural for humans? In which case blogging, or using a computer at all, is completely unnatural, does that make it evil? The very code you use to blog with was most likely created by a few people who call themselves homosexual, can you condone the use of their handiwork while damning them to hell? What is the criteria for an activity to be both natural and good in god's eyes, or otherwise unnatural?

You say there is a process that one goes through to be a homosexual, and the first step is that they know god, but homosexuality is found in communities of humans, throughout history and even to this day, where god was not known at all; how does this happen?

You use the bible as example of what a homosexual is like, but I know people who claim to be homosexual who are not like this; is this perhaps like when the bible says god moved the sun in the sky, when in reality it is the earth that moves around the sun?

You interpret that Noah was raped by his son, but it is not explicitly stated as such; is the bible open to lots of passages being interpreted this way, as to seem to support whatever I wish it to support?

Were not the old rules about what was or wasn't indecent expunged by Jesus with his new covenant? If not, why don't you follow all Jewish laws? If so, shouldn't you follow the word of Jesus and love all of god's children? Did he not say that was the most important commandment? Your words seem filled with hatred, not love, and Jesus said that to hate was equivalent to murder; is this not so?

Update: It seems that she's made the blog private. Oh well, I guess she doesn't actually have any answers, just hatred. So sad that people are so brainwashed. It's still on google cache for now.


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