Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's been a while...

I've not had the time or motivation for the blog in a while. Real life takes over sometimes.

Anyways, recently I spotted a feud of sorts between Possummomma and some christian woman who's made it her mission online to persecute PM (I say this only because her blog is actually named as No Possum Zone), and I found it somewhat fascinating.

Part of me thinks Nancy isn't really all she says she is; she seems too perfect of an anti-atheist in her descriptions of herself, and what points about PM she picks on; could she just be a troll? I've yet to decide what I think about it, but I've asked her some questions about her most recent post, and I'm hoping to see if her answers seem honest, or if I can spot any cracks in the story. I never take anything I read online at face value; it's just in my nature to dig further and form my own opinion on such things.