Monday, October 16, 2006

Getting god from the couch.

Flipping through the TV stations on Sunday morning one is sure to come across numerous instances of religious programming. I have satellite, and last Sunday I counted 12 programs of religious nature on at the same time, including one on the Spanish station.

If you've never watched them, I'd definitely recommend taking the time one Sunday to watch, just for a bit, it's an interesting experience. Most of the programs I've seen include just a preacher giving some kind of inspirational talk to his audience, usually quoting this or that bible verse.

I watch because I like to know what the other side is up to. I don't think many people take the opportunity to look beyond their own views these days. There is a niche for almost everyone, a blog, a cable station, a part of the country even. I'm sure each individual religious program that was on on Sunday morning was filling in it's own niche as well. We are a fractured society, and yet we seem more willing every day to apply labels to ourselves.

What I find most fascinating is how distant religion on TV is. I guess I understood when my bed-ridden aunt would watch Catholic mass on Sunday mornings. But these huge churches, where the live audience fills a stadium and the sermon is broadcast across the country, I can't imagine any connection there. When I did attend church, I did feel that connection to the local community, and that is the one and only thing that I miss about it. There are other ways to make a difference in the community, I know, but how many people are doing that as well? And what about those who believe they are "saved" by faith alone, are they compelled to give back to society? How is being just another face in the crowed spiritually fulfilling?


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