Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tell on thy neighbor.

Oh my gawd! There's gays everywhere! Flush them out!!! You remember the New Live Church in Colorado right? That's the one where they fired Ted Haggard for having had homosexual-relations. They're now trying to flush out more gays, with another one found already! The website for the New Life Church has the policy for reporting bad-behavior. How...errh...Christian of them...

I really don't understand why some people are so afraid of homosexuality. For all of the sins listed in the bible; why does this one threaten them so? If they found one amongst themselves to have committed murder, would the Christians shun them as well? I kinda remember somewhere in the bible Jesus saying "let he without sin cast the first stone," no?

And now that the gays want to get married, that's just an abomination! *sigh* I still stick by that marriage is a government contract; weddings are what people have in church. And while I think that some people are hung-up a bit too much on the vocabulary, (it must be called marriage instead of civil union) the people that think gay-marriage is gonna ruin the fabric of society are just delusional.

I have only one reason I'm against gay marriage; the straights will take advantage of it. Seriously, that's the only hang-up I can think of; Adam has good health care, his roommate Steve doesn't have any health-care, but if they get married, Steve will chip in more money towards rent and they can share Adam's health-care. They'll get a divorce when one of them finds a chick.

Aside from that, it's not like gay marriage could ruin an entire state or anything...


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