Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Child's Mind

Reason magazine has two good clips I won't re-post here. The first is a little girl arguing that violence in this country isn't due to video games or rap music. She goes on, but it's not the best argument. It's really just not. I'm not sure if the parents fed it to her, which would seem most likely, or if some of what she's saying is what she's gathered from her education. If someone fed her the argument, then it really implies she herself doesn't have a formed opinion, hence we don't treat children like adults, so it's very self-contradictory. The Bastard Fairies aren't anything special, they've got scantily clad women & provocative songs, but that's not new, and the songs aren't anything that great in my opinion.

Anyhow, I think it's even more ridiculous that Riley responded to it, and called it child abuse at that. If that's child-abuse, EVERYONE abuses their child's mind. Everyone puts words into their kids mouths, either consciously or unconsciously. Children are taught what to believe by their parents, and I don't think this child's extreme views are any worse than those kids at Jesus Camp. I mean, she's kinda pissed off, but she's not preaching hate and she's not crying hysterically in the delusion that millions of people are going to hell because they aborted their babies. Or how about the christian kids being baited on the marriage issue.

Not that I'm all for abortion, if safe-sex was preached more, we'd need less of them. It's a pretty crappy procedure, and even without the whole god-involvement, I'd be concerned about it. I think any woman who's had sex has had the chance to consider it, even for just that 1 day their period is late. But seriously, when the options are to either have an abortion, or leave a newborn baby in a truck because you're too christian to have had unprotected sex.... I think the kid would have been better off never having been born. If not for the neighbors, it would have died really unpleasant death, and who knows how many babies do die like this but were never found?

Many tragedies are in the name of religion, and that's the sad truth at the end of the day, no matter who says it.


Blogger Aviaa said...

Not that I'm all for abortion

I think very few people are all for abortion.

if safe-sex was preached more, we'd need less of them

Indeed. Abstinence only education has shown to be pretty ineffective.

It's a pretty crappy procedure, and even without the whole god-involvement, I'd be concerned about it.

It’s still several times safer for the woman than childbirth.

Situations that lead to abortions are almost always crappy situations. I do, however, think that in many cases, having the abortion is still the more mature, positive decision… and not just when the child would be left in a truck as an alternative.

1:14 PM  
Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

I agree that the concept of safe sex needs to be encouraged.

Many people are going to have sex regardless of their religious beliefs or the lack of them, so let them have the information which will allow them to do this as safely as possible. Safe from disease and safe from unwanted pregnancy.

Preaching that sex outside of marriage is a sin, isn't as effective as responsible actions and behaviours. "Preach" responsibility to self and to others would be my suggestion.

Of course there are always those who consider any sort of knowledge, whether to do with sex, or something else, to be an encouragement to "act out."

I have always considered this to be a lame excuse. Knowledge allows for the opportunity to make informed decisions. Informed decisions promote responsibility.

If governments, communities and individuals are seriously concerned about abortion, they should encourage their children to be individually responsible for their own actions.

This may or may not include religious beliefs concerning sex, but it MUST include as a high priority, the concept of limiting harm to the individual and limiting harm to others.

5:44 PM  
Blogger new.atheist said...

I have one friend who has had several abortions. I'm very, very glad she doesn't have kids. She needs to sort out her life before she brings up a kid, and I do think it is the more mature & unselfish thing to do considering her situation.

I agree, teaching people their options & responsibilities is always best.

7:22 PM  

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