Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christian vs. Christ Follower?

These are pretty cute. It's a parody of Mac vs. PC, but it's Christian vs. Christ-Follower.
These videos really point out the most annoying traits of uuber-Christians.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

(Honestly, their other videos aren't that bad either. I had to laugh at the guy hanging out with Jesus for the day, when they're shopping for hats.)

I first saw these videos and thought they weren't that bad. Despite my belief that there is no god, there really aren't a lot of negative things I could say about the parables of Jesus. They are quality lessons, good to know. It's the Christian dogma that has built up around Jesus that really gets under my skin. I thought even I could be a Jesus follower without believing Jesus was anything divine, just as I could follow Buddha, or Sagan. As far as I always read the bible stories, Jesus himself didn't seem that big on the dogma.

So I looked them up, and I was disappointed to find out the people that made these videos are still typical Christians. I read up on their "what we believe" site & they still believe the same-old-same-old; "We believe the Bible is entirely accurate, complete, and reliable." And that just doesn't fly for me, no matter how cute their ad-campaign is.

It actually made me wonder what the point of their ad's are? They're alienating some Christians, while they won't really attract anyone who doesn't believe in the Bible. Are they just preaching to the choir?


Blogger beep said...

I dislike "in your face christianity" and "in your face islam."

To me they each sound like groups who are proud of being lunatics.

10:27 PM  

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