Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Atheism is getting more attention

Atheism is getting more attention in the news, as this article examines. Is the challenge of atheism a good thing for religion? Could it make the religious think a little harder about what they believe and why?

The theological question that needs to be explored in both church and state is this: Can God be understood in some way other than through these infantile and tribal images? Can Jesus be seen in some way other than as the divinely appointed sacrificial victim who paid the price owed to God for our sinfulness?

Another place atheists are getting more attention is on Youtube. Since www.BlasphemyChallenge.com came around, more people are denying the holy spirit in exchange for a copy of The God Who Wasn't There. I already have my copy of the movie, but I'm not sure if I would be willing to sell my soul for a DVD... (Perhaps for some Alf Pogs thou...)

I'm still contemplating if we really do have a soul at all, thou I'm pretty sure if we do, saying "I deny the holy ghost" isn't going to have any bearing on what happens to it when I die. I'm pretty sure my actions in life will always speak loudest and to truly deny the idea of the holy spirit, one would have to commit some atrocious actions in life, things which I wouldn't be comfortable with. Even as I deny the idea of god, and I have no fear of spending my after-life in flames since I don't believe in hell, I get the feeling that denying the "holy spirit" is more like denying that idea of spirit in each of us, and I'm not ready to do that; I still have faith in mankind.

Here's to hoping the popularity of atheism isn't a passing fad.


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