Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Play God

Way back when, I had this game called Sim-Life. I loved it. I could sit for hours and play with the little creatures. I had wondered why maxis hadn't yet updated it, considering that they'd updated sim-city, sim-coaster, the sims, etc.

But apparently, they've just been biding their time...

I now await Spore.

I've always loved the idea that one gets to play at evolution. Even the game Sim-life makes it a little easier to understand how evolution happens and how habitats work. It's a bit rudimentary now, but back on windows 3.1, I thought it was the greatest thing since Intellivision.

It makes me think; if I were god, I could make organisms any way I wanted! They wouldn't be limited in their design by what they evolved from. Mammals with 6 legs, cold-blooded-birds, purple people, purple people eaters, etc... but our world isn't like that. Fortunately, we have computers!

Here's the 35 min presentation on Spore, and here's to hoping that it will be released this year.
Until then, I'll just keep watching & waiting.


Blogger Aviaa said...

Ohhh... how exciting!

I also used to play Sim Life and loved that I could artifically select for varoius traits in my animals (a friend and I would try to create horses that went quickly in a straight line to mimic horse racing). Games like this do make the evolution and genetics and all that stuff easier for students to understand when they encounter them in school.

5:40 PM  
Blogger The Alpha said...

I've lost so many hours of my life playing Sim Life because it is so easy to lose track of time playing it. Anyhow...given that so many people in this country just don't understand evolution, I think it would be a good game for the public.

1:30 PM  

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