Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rational Response Squad makes Nightline

Check it out, there was a piece on the Rational Response Squad on Nightline. (Rational Response Squad's home page.)

I don't know that I feel the hostility from Christians in my every-day life so much, because I don't challenge them openly that often. The very few times I've said to my friends "you know, I just don't believe in that any more," I generally get that they don't either, but some of them keep going to church either because they go with their family, out of habit, or perhaps out of the expectation that one day they'll feel something. But none of my friends/family are such that they would cut me out of their lives because of my beliefs.

And I'm just a tad afraid to confront strangers. As the guy from the Rational Response Squad says; they get death threats! I don't think atheism is worth dying for. Religion is the type of thing people die for, but since I don't believe in an after-life, I want to make the most of the life I have here. If arguing with one single person would threaten my life, I think I'd back off... I know what I believe in my mind, and nobody can change that.

I'm also not really sure why other people would take personal offense with what I might do with my "everlasting" soul.

I like my car too much to put stickers on it, I spend my money on better things than t-shirts about atheism, and I don't go out of my way looking for converts. Should I? I almost feel compelled to share my views, but then I think; isn't that a little like witnessing? And isn't that part what I'm against?


Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

I am not overtly atheist either. But then Australia isn't as overtly religious either.

There are always a few people driving around with fish bumper stickers, but the majority of people do NOT overtly express their religious or non-religious views.

It seems to be a different kettle of fish in the US though. It seems almost compulsory to express one's belief in god to everyone under all situations. (That might be an exaggeration on my part, but that is how it appears to me.)

I certainly do discuss being an atheist online on my blog, as I enjoy the possibility of feedback from people who are either religious or not religious.

I just find it very interesting.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

I agree with you here, and feel the same way. I do not "witness" or actively try to convert people to reject their beliefs. Actually, Except for on these blogs that I visit, typically I don't even push how i feel to others.. Now, it is a different thing when someone asks me, attempts to witness to me, or makes a claim I consider ignorant... like claiming all Muslims are evil.... but even then I try to be very civil about it, and when they get defensive and angry i usually just change the subject or walk away. For the most part I keep my religious idea's to myself unless asked. The only exception to this rule would be someone visiting me in my own home and trying to win me for Christ, then I stand pretty firm. Unfortunately for me, I live in a very strong religious town... hence the reason I've started seeking out the company of others like minded on the net..... For your other question why people take offence, I think this is because in my opinion the whole foundation of their life is based on their belief, if others don't believe and blatantly oppose then their whole life is been a waste.. some people can not handle that... there's more to it than that, but it seems to sum it up :) That's probably worthy of a full blog hehe.

10:04 PM  
Blogger new.atheist said...

beep: I think it depends a bit where you are in the U.S. how much they may push their religion on you. I'm in the north-east, but the suburbs, and we get people at our door inviting us to their church, but never pushy. (Note: the Jehovah's witnesses were scared off when my husband opened the front door in a bathrobe.)

I think that in smaller communities, the church isn't just a religious experience, it's a community experience.

Robert, I agree; rejecting god, you're rejecting their way of life. People in this country define themselves in narrow ways; Ford or Dodge? North or South? Jets or Giants? Etc. And if people get offended if you don't like their sports team, I guess it's not any less understandable if they're offended by your beliefs.

5:26 PM  

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