Friday, February 02, 2007

Jesus loves Osama Bin-Laden, but Hates Gays?

I find this an interesting way of attracting new parishioners... tell them if Jesus loves Bin-Laden, he must love them too?

I totally understand that these aren't the same people that say God hates homosexuals, but I still find it funny how different people are using the same book to give completely conflicting points of view. Go-go magic bible!


Anonymous dave said...

Jesus loves gays AND Osama Bin Laden. He loves you too. He loves you so much He died so you can live.

9:28 PM  
Blogger new.atheist said...

Well, yea, I understand that's the good way to look at it. I'd wish more people in this world who believed in Jesus would turn away from persecution of those who don't.

Some people believe Jesus died for the sins of all mankind, but many believe Jesus died for the sins of believers only...

Some people believe Jesus was just a guy who's was trying to bring about revolution in his own time... some people believe that he never existed at all.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous beth said...

It doesnt matter how some people look at it--what matter is what God said in His word. Jesus died for you and everybody else --Muslim, Jew, Atheist -everyone! The question is not whether He died to save you, but whether you will accept that He died to save you. There are some things that cannot be explained by science. I truly do not believe that anyone really believes that the earth was formed from a slimy puddle or that humans used to be monkeys. The truth is that people are trying to find a scientific answer for every little thing on earth - there isnt always a scientific answer. God's ways are not our ways - they are much higher and we may not know everything until we get to heaven. It takes faith to believe, but it takes more faith NOT to believe. I believe that Jesus is coming back soon................if you dont believe that you have much more faith than I do, because I cant imagine taking the stance that I will live my life however I want and hope that God is not real.

12:24 PM  
Blogger new.atheist said...


First; I only accept the truth and what is real... and what you are asking is for me to have faith in what is unknown and what very much seems like magic to me. I associate acceptance of Jesus being the savior as accepting that Santa brings good children presents each December.

And while I don't believe, I understand that you believe, and I accept that's what you believe in your heart.

You don't understand that I truly believe that life evolved in a puddle of slime many millions of years ago, and that the slime evolved into fish, into reptiles, into mammals, and eventually into humans.

I believe that there is always a scientific answer; I believe that everything works in accordance with the natural laws of the universe; and I believe that if there was a god, he would be as easily understood by every single person alive, and no book could contain him and his ideas. I'd think, if god was real, he'd judge my actions, not my beliefs.

I have faith in mankind; only mankind can save itself. You live your life hoping god is real because if he's not; what good have you done for mankind with the only existence you get?

I don't live my life however I want in hopes that god isn't real; I live my life in such a way that I hope to leave the best legacy for the next generation that will also have to face a world where there is no god working for us.

3:19 PM  

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